Monday, 16 April 2012

A more peaceful trip to the park this time !

Last time Betty WoodenGran went for a stroll in the park, she got caught up in a major incident with fire engines and police cars attending a house fire. So today she headed back hoping for some quiet time with Mother Nature ...

Smelling the flowers ...

Climbing the trees - does she know how old she is ?!

 Swinging through the trees like Tarzan !

(This is where Juliette took over - I admit it, I was giggling like a loony setting up the first photos - God knows what everyone else at the park thought !!)

Is this a new definition of Bush-walking ?!

Pierre looked on thinking we'd gone mad !!

Phew, time for a sit down after all that exercise !

And not just for Betty - the two human helpers needed a rest too !


  1. Hurrah for Betty WoodenGran, sounds like she had a great day out :) Much fun was had by all :)

  2. I love it! How original and what great fun. Lovely read thank you