Saturday, 12 May 2012

Messing about on the water !

Look who came along with us to the festival of the Sea today ! Betty WoodenGran had great fun having a ride in a pedal boat with Juliette and didn't even mind getting splashed !

We took our eye off her for one minute and she tried to sneak into a pedalo - come back here, you haven't got a life jacket on !

They didn't actually have a life jacket that would fit her so she had to share Juliette's when they went out for their pedalo ride - don't fall in !

Oooh look at that pirate ship ! Oh listen to him, going on about having a wooden peg leg. I've got two and I'm not showing off, am I ? Avast me hearties !

Small, medium and large ! Even the humans look small next to the giants but what about me ? I look like an ant in the front of the picture ! Let's get out of here, I'm scared I'll get squished !

Now see if you can you see Betty WoodenGran in this photo. Yes, there she is, cheekily peeking through the lifebuoy !

Betty may be checking out all the private yachts but I don't think her pension will stretch that far. Dream on !

Woooohooo look at the swell ! Here we are bobbing about on the waves in a little fishing boat.

Sophie maybe looking a bit green around the gills but Betty's definitely got her sea legs on. Maybe there is something in having two wooden peg legs after all. Where did that pirate go ? Maybe he'll share his bottle of rum !