Saturday, 31 March 2012

Lock up your kids ! Betty Woodengran is behind the wheel

Now I don't know what it is about those naughty Woodenmums but they're getting in trouble again. You may remember back in the summer of 2010, Jessica and Johnny Woodenmum got in trouble for joyriding - I told you that shocking news in this blogpost here.  Well, some of you in the comments said you blame the parents but I think we should have looked a further generation back. This time, it's naughty Betty Woodengran causing havoc behind the wheel. Just look at the wake of destruction - she's run over a cow (revenge for the one that chased her here ?!), caused a car crash and knocked over a road sign.

Even more humiliating, she fell off the roof of the car she was being silly on and ended up showing her bloomers to the world ! She's such an embarrassment !

Here she is getting carted off by the police. Yes, you can hang your head in shame, Betty Woodengran. What were you thinking ?!

Off to the cells with you. That nice policeman will come and let you out tomorrow if you behave yourself.

 (Yes, that may be the bottom of Pierre's cot, if you look closely !)


  1. Hmmm, look at those eyes! I think she's had way too many smarties!

  2. LOL I was blaming it on too many G&T's but you could be right !!