Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Trip to the Zoo for Betty Woodenmum

Yesterday, Betty Woodenmum (which is what the girls have decided the Woodenmums' gran is called !) decided to visit the zoo. She had great fun riding a friendly hermit crab. 

Then she went riding on an elephant, who looked extremely worried. She's only been here a week and she's already terrorising the animals ! 

She decided to try being a cowgirl next and started trying to ride a bull. 

But she must have had red knickers on because the bull was having none of it and starting chasing her ! Oh no, run Betty, run ! 

After all that excitement, she needed a nice sit down with a cup of tea and decided to stick to the quieter animals, having a nice cuddle with a baby monkey. Goodness me, what will she get up to next ?! Rumour has it, she wants to fly like a bird next - I bet she gets into trouble again. What is it with these naughty Woodenmums ?! 

(PS For those of you who are new to the Jenny/Betty Woodenmum blog, sorry about the quality of some of the photos - most of them are taken by the girls!)

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