Wednesday, 29 September 2010

How much fun can you have with a magazine ?!

It looks like Jenny's ended up on some science fiction film set

Aaaaaggghhh get me out of here !

Every little boy's dream of being a train driver

Come and join me in my tree house !


  1. your imagination never fails!

  2. so funny - thanks that gave me a giggle! Xx

  3. I`ve liked and shared on facebook ( julie kenny)

    Thanks for the chance to win Xx

  4. Oh brilliant what a great way to keep entertained

  5. i am soooo going to keep this in mind for the next school holidays. What a brilliant way to get the little ones interested in different parts of the world. I'm already plotting a journey for some 'peg people' and trying to think of interesting sites for them to 'visit' and be photographed at. This could be a big challenge for my geography knowledge!

  6. what a fantastic idea. think i might try this one!