Saturday, 18 September 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite

First of all, the Woodenmums got together for a family conference to decide where to go for their day out. Jessica got so enthusiastic about putting her hand up to vote that she smacked poor Johnny in the head ! Jenny nearly got a black eye too. Calm down Jessica !

They decided to go to a kite-making workshop and watched Sophie carefully painting her kite.

Then they went to look at some of the other kites on show. They loved the big rainbow-coloured boat ...

... but Jenny got a huge fright when she saw this beautiful dragon kite !

She decided to create this much less scary-looking butterfly instead.


  1. So lovely that you encourage your children to be so creative

  2. My little niece is doing a blog but struggles with embarassment when people read it. This is a great way of giving her the freedom to express herself through a doll - thanks for a great idea.

    Love the kites :)

  3. What a fantastic Mum you are, encouraging your children to explore at their own pace and OMG that dragon kite!!!

  4. A very colourful and delightful array of kites indeed :) Full marks on encouraging your children to be creative, too. Positivity and encouragement can go a long way in unlocking a child's potential :)