Friday, 10 September 2010

Shocking news

Oh my goodness, Jessica and Johnnie were in serious trouble last night. They stole a car and went joyriding !

They were having great fun, hanging out of the windows with the stereo on full blast, doing laps of the car park.

The next thing you know, a very cross policeman arrived on the scene and gave them a good telling off.

Luckily for Jessica and Johnny they already had a prisoner in the back of the van so they were allowed to go home if they promised to be very very wood, I mean good !

Otherwise they'd have had to spend a night locked up in the police cells.

Naughty Jessica and Johnny ! What were they thinking ?!


  1. Absolutely love it, reminds me of my sister packing me off with her teddy to have him pose on airplanes and camels and creating a story for his adventure in photographs. She was about 40 at the time but we are still young at heart!

  2. Lucy Jayne Vassallo24 February 2011 at 20:18

    looks like everyone had fun x

  3. This appeals to my sense of humour. lol.

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  5. This was on the cards as soon as Jessica and Johnnie got in with a bad crowd

  6. this made me laugh, not just firing the kids imagination ! lol