Friday 30 July 2010

Birthdays can be dangerous when you're old !

It's Jenny Woodenmum's birthday - happy birthday Jenny !

Wow, look at that fabulous birthday cake !

Jenny jokingly says that there are so many candles, she'd better bring along a fire extinguisher because it might get out of control !

Oh no, Jenny was right - quick, call the fire brigade !

Forget the fire brigade. Jenny's back with a fireman's helmet to go with the fire extinguisher so she can brave the flames herself !

(All Sophie's own work while we were busy packing !! That really is the last post for a fortnight - see you soon !)

Thursday 29 July 2010

Off to a new country - Another guessing game ...

We've had great fun on our American trip this week but for the next two weeks, we'll be off on some real travels with Sophie and Juliette having so many adventures that we won't even be able to come online ! Here's a little clue as to where we're going - can you guess ? At least you can't give me the evil eye if you get it wrong because my necklace will protect me !

Hut hut hut !

No not Pizza Hut, American football !

Mr Woodenmum was really excited to see the stadium where the Washington Redskins play ...

and they invited him down to play along with them too. Don't get squished, Mr Woodenmum. You look a bit scrawny next to them !

Admiring the Manhattan skyline

Wow, they skyscrapers are pretty when they're all lit up at night time.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

The Streets of San Francisco

We had a really good laugh today.

Mr Woodenmum was so busy posing for a photo in front of the cable cars ...

... that he didn't hear Jessica and Johnny telling him to hurry up and jump on ...

... so he had to run really fast to catch up with the rest of the family at the bottom of the hill !

Monday 26 July 2010

The Woodenmums do DC !

Family portrait in front of the Capitol

And another one in front of the White House. "Dad, put your camera away - you look like such a tourist" !

A romantic moment in front of the Washington Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial - "He's very big, isn't he ?"!

"Jessica ! Johnny ! Get away from there ! It's JFK's Eternal Flame at the Arlington Cemetery - not a fire to warm your hands on" !

Sunday 25 July 2010

Setting sail on a voyage of discovery ...

We finally set sail yesterday and are all really excited ! Did you guess which country we're going to ? There's another clue in today's photo if not !
I was so excited I had a bit of a Titanic moment - "I"m the King of the World" !!

Off to the hairdresser's

Sophie and Juliette (and little brother Pierre, who still looks very very big to me) all headed off to the hairdresser's yesterday (you can see their new haircuts here !!) and they took me along too.

This sink looks big enough for me to have a nice swim in!

Hmm I wonder what I'd look like with curly hair ...

On second thoughts, they look a bit painful.

Is it a comb or a toothbrush ?

My new hair-do !

Friday 23 July 2010

Can you guess ?

Jenny's dressed up as a famous monument to give you a sneaky clue where the Woodenmum family are going to travel to next week. Any ideas ?!

Jenny of Arabia

After yesterday's donkey-riding escapades, Jenny's going up in the world - now she's riding camels in the desert ! Don't fall off Jenny !

Oooh Mr Woodenmum looks pretty swish as an Arabian prince too !

Giddee up, giddee up !

Ooooh it's Tutenkhawoodenmum !

A well deserved rest for our two desert-explorers.

Winter Wonderland

It was so hot today we decided to head off to colder climes and beat the heat with a day out in Lapland.

Jessica had fun building snowmen with the local children.

Johnny practised his figure skating on the frozen lake.

Jenny went sledging.

And naughty Mr Woodenmum hid behind the trees and pelted everyone with snowballs.

The Magic Roundabout

It's not just Barbie who has a Jeep !

Can I drive now please ?

Oh my goodnes, it's the police and I didn't have my seatbelt on. Let me hide down here for a bit !

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Jenny on a Jenny

Oooh it's a donkey. Did you know a mummy donkey is called a Jenny, like me ? Maybe this is Jenny Donkeymum !

Ewwwwww they certainly make a lot of stinky poo !

Even the sheep are pooing everywhere - but at least they only do Maltesers !

Don't eat my hair ! It's not straw, you silly donkey !

It's Jenny on a Jenny ! Gee up Neddy, don't you stop, just let your feet go clippety clop !

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Look at Mr Woodenmum go !!

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I think this one is my favourite - I love the wiggly bum part of the routine !!

Move over Torville and Dean !

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Why are parents so embarrassing ?

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Yippeee Hamburgers for lunch !

Jessica and Johnny got very excited today - "Yippeee, hamburgers for lunch ! Jenny Woodenmum said it's too hot to cook so she's taking us to "le McDo" for lunch instead !"

Jenny Woodenmum likes McDonald's in France because you get organic apple juice and little fruit bags of apples and grapes in le Happy Meal !

And look how healthy Jenny Woodenmum has been in her food choices - Diet Coke and "Salade & Plaisir par McDonald's" !

But look ! Sneaky Jenny ! When the kids were happily playing in la Play Zone, she sneaked off to the nearby brasserie for a cheeky glass of vin rouge ! Naughty Jenny !

Well done Juliette - a first-class puppeteer today !

Monday 19 July 2010

Decisions decisions !

Woodenmum and dad called a family conference today to decide which parts of the world we should explore.
The unanimous decision was ... everywhere ! Time to dust off the suitcases I think !

Disaster Strikes !

After a lovely day at the park with our cousins, it was time to head home.

We all piled into the train and set off on our way.

But then we were in a train crash ! There was a giant sitting by the side of the tracks who pushed our train over and pulled us out of the wreckage. We were all very scared but luckily, he was a very friendly giant and after dribbling all over our hair, he let us carry on the rest of our journey in peace. I think we might walk next time though because it was very scary !