Monday 30 August 2010

The Woodenmums do ... Belgium !

Here they are tucking into the national dish of mussels and chips. I'm sure Jenny sneaked off after this photo to try out the other Belgian specialities of chocolates, waffles with whipped cream and melted chocolate and beer !

Sunday 29 August 2010

Fun in the ball pond

Johnnie's got fed up of posing for photos and wants to go off and play again !

Holiday food

picnics in the garden

Jessica discovered churros and learnt that you have to wait for them to cool down if you don't want to burn your tongue !

Johnnie ate an ice cream almost as big as him !

Back to Dunkirk

at Dunkirk train station

You probably recognise the flag on the left but the one on the right is the flag of Dunkirk.

Monday 23 August 2010

A visit to a crêperie in Brittany

Jenny (who has been swapping clothes with Jessica - have you noticed ?!) seems to be looking at the dessert part of the menu instead of the crêpes !

And what's this ? Jessica is checking out the wine ?!

Jenny decides to go local and drink the Breton cider that is the traditional accompaniment to pancakes.

Jessica (who looks like she might have come out in her pyjamas today !) gets an ice cream almost as big as she is ! Yummy - j'adore la glace vanille / fraise !

The Woodenmums do Brittany !

It's a land of lighthouses ...

little fishing ports ...

and seagulls !

Look what was happening in Brittany this weekend !

When we discovered that it was "le festival des oignons roses 2010" (the 2010 Pink Onion Festival) in Roscoff on the coast of northern Brittany this weekend, we had to go and have a look.

After Jenny being famous in Turkey, this time it was Johnnie's turn to get stars in his eyes ! Johnnies are what they call the French people from Brittany who used to take their strings of onions over to England to sell. There's even a "musée des Johnnies" in Roscoff !

Time to head off to the fields and help pick the onions - don't fall off Johnnie !

Sunday 15 August 2010

Time to come home again

Jenny at the airport keeping a close eye on the plane to make sure they don't forget to load on her suitcase.

Oooh Duty Free. Just time to go and buy a packet of Woodendadbines and a bottle of JD (no, not Jack Daniels, Jenny's Drinkies !)

Jenny's still got the holiday spirit (or maybe she's been at the JD's !) and starts being naughty, making silly announcements on the airport tannoy system. "Bing Bong, would all Woodenmums please make their way to gate number 52. Don't forget your boarding passes" !
Awww it's been fun, back to reality now - I bet it's raining when we land !

Mum, why don't you make our bed like this at home ?

"Can we have palm trees on our beds every morning when we get home, Mum ?"
"Sure", mutters Jenny, "if you sit there folding up the sheets yourself. The novelty will soon wear off !"
I'm not sure who was most impressed - the Wodenmums or Juliette !

It's Baywatch time !

What's this ? Have Jenny and Mr Woodenmum found a dusty old park bench to sit on ?

No, they've taken over the lifeguard's chair and are keeping an eye on Jessica and Johnny swimming in the moonlight !

Don't forget the sun cream !

Even Woodenmums and dads and kids have to be careful they don't scorch in the Turkish sun. Time for the factor 50 !

Now it's time to check out the pool - handy lifebelt in the background but Jessica isn't worried. She's made of wood so she knows she'll float if she falls in !

Jenny prefers chilling out in the shade of the parasols at the beach.

Jenny grabs Mr Woodenmum's hand because she's a bit scared of Pierre the Giant looming in the background - especially as he's suddenly started growing enormous teeth that make her shudder. Luckily, he's more interested in eating sand than trying to chew on Jenny's leg !

Jessica goes off to discover some Turkish delights

Jessica thought the fantastic flowers were beautiful ...

... but then she spotted the citrus fruit (limes, oranges, grapefruit) growing on trees all around the hotel and thought that was really impressive.

Time for a well deserved cocktail after all that exploring - don't worry Jenny, it's non-alcoholic. It's Blue Sprite and all the kids at the Mini Club were guzzling it all day long !

Look, we're famous in Turkey !

Pierre the Giant had a choice of colours of highchairs in the hotel restaurant but they all had one thing in common ...

Wow, they must have written Jenny's name all over them when they learnt that she was coming to stay. Even better than a red carpet !

The Woodenmums do Turkey !

We made it ! We're in Turkey - for real !

Even Mr RealDad pitched in and helped take the photos this time (and he may be pretending he's not having fun but I don't believe it for a minute - just look at his smile !)

The view from the restaurant where we sip our cocktails each night as the sun sets

Jenny checking out the view from the balcony

Jessica couldn't wait and went running off with Juliette to sign up at the Mini Club !