Wednesday 29 September 2010

Well done girls .. and bye bye from the Madhouse Woodenmums !

Well, when this blog started ...

... we had no idea where it would go ...

... whether it would fizzle out before it got off the ground ...

... whether the girls would run out of ideas ...

... or get bored ...

But they didn't ! A huge thanks to John Crane Toys for giving us the idea for this blog, which has given us many a giggle during the summer ...

Now everyone's back to school and the good weather's behind us, we'll say bye bye for now but maybe Jenny will be back on holiday with us next summer ! Who knows ?!

Bye Bye from Sophie & Juliette & the Madhouse Woodenmums !

Yee haw cowboy !

Taking part in a rodeo - that horse looks more like a My Little Pony than a bucking bronco, luckily !

Some quick snapshots of the sights we've seen




Paris (luckily they avoided the bomb scares and didn't get evacuated !)

The Little Mermaid ? Must be Denmark then !

Um I think this might be an early prototype for the Sphinx !

How much fun can you have with a magazine ?!

It looks like Jenny's ended up on some science fiction film set

Aaaaaggghhh get me out of here !

Every little boy's dream of being a train driver

Come and join me in my tree house !

Saturday 18 September 2010

Fun on a bouncy castle

Look what Jenny's up to !

She's joined the girls on an enormous bouncy castle !

But it was a bit dangerous for the Woodenkids so they decided to go home and make their own using air-filled parcel packaging ! They all had great fun, even if Jenny did keep flashing her knickers !

They were so tired afterwards that they all had a snooze in the deckchair in the garden to recover !

Let's Go Fly a Kite

First of all, the Woodenmums got together for a family conference to decide where to go for their day out. Jessica got so enthusiastic about putting her hand up to vote that she smacked poor Johnny in the head ! Jenny nearly got a black eye too. Calm down Jessica !

They decided to go to a kite-making workshop and watched Sophie carefully painting her kite.

Then they went to look at some of the other kites on show. They loved the big rainbow-coloured boat ...

... but Jenny got a huge fright when she saw this beautiful dragon kite !

She decided to create this much less scary-looking butterfly instead.

Friday 10 September 2010

Shocking news

Oh my goodness, Jessica and Johnnie were in serious trouble last night. They stole a car and went joyriding !

They were having great fun, hanging out of the windows with the stereo on full blast, doing laps of the car park.

The next thing you know, a very cross policeman arrived on the scene and gave them a good telling off.

Luckily for Jessica and Johnny they already had a prisoner in the back of the van so they were allowed to go home if they promised to be very very wood, I mean good !

Otherwise they'd have had to spend a night locked up in the police cells.

Naughty Jessica and Johnny ! What were they thinking ?!

Life's a beach

Oooh look, Mr Woodenmum has found a starfish. And they rolled their trouser legs up so far, they didn't even get wet !

They listened to shells to see if they could hear the sea.

Yippee we've found a magic green pearl - we can sell it and be rich !

Time to go looking in the rockpools - don't fall in Jenny !

Putting the finishing touches to their enormous sand castle
Heeheehee we're the kings of the castle and you're the dirty rascals !

Tuesday 7 September 2010

A family trip to the park

Jenny can't stop giggling as she has to push Mr Woodenmum down the slide because his bum got stuck !

Meanwhile Johnnie and Jessica are playing on the roundabout.

"Mum, Dad, can you come and push us round ?"

Oh my goodness, they've all bundled on the roundabout now - I hope they don't break it !

Jenny drew the short straw and has to do pushing duty !

Saturday 4 September 2010

Off on a cruise

Jenny poses in front of the Dunkirk tourist boat which gives her a good idea for a family day out ...

All Aboard ! Jenny seems to be having another Titanic moment - I think she must have a soft spot for Leonardo Di Caprio !

Mr Woodenmum soaks up the sun, Jenny's pulled up her skirt to get tanned legs but is flashing her knickers and Jessica seems to have fallen over so they must have gone over a big wave ! Johnnie's still leaning out of the window so I hope he's not feeling seasick.