Tuesday 28 August 2012

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Betty Woodengran went for a day at the seaside in Hastings down in Sussex by the Sea.

Ker-ching ! She tried (and failed) to win a fortune in the amusement arcades ...

Had a naughty snigger at the Winkle Club !

Loved looking at all the really old timber-clad houses in the Old Town

Found a house with lots of wooden friends (but didn't fancy having a pencil stuck up her bum, thank you very much !) 

Discovered the Piece of Cheese house (but didn't have a nibble !)

Had a ride on Brum

Went on the bumper cars

Scared herself silly on the ghost train !

Oh my goodness, what's this ? 

She almost got eaten by a huge eel (who didn't want to be made into jellied eels) !

Out of the frying pan into the fire - what now ?

Eeeek it's an enormous octopus now ! Help, help !

She decided to take shelter in the Old Town museum to get away from all the scary monsters and put on this World War II tin hat to be on the safe side !

Friday 24 August 2012

Betty Woodengran 's holiday snaps from Tunisia

spot the camel on the beach !

Meeting the Tunisian wildlife !

Look at the size of that tortoise !

Getting up close to the residents of the crocodile park

Look behind you !!

Watch out Betty, he'll bite your head off !

Ahh that's a bit safer - some swans made out of towels by the lovely maid at the hotel !

Living the high life at the hotel in Tunisia

Up in the clouds

Checking out the safety instructions on the aeroplane

Preparing for take off ...

Our Sightseeing Trip to London yesterday

Let the train take the strain ...

At the London Eye

 Looking up the Thames

Listening to the twelves bongs at Big Ben

Checking out the guards at Horse Guards Parade

Thursday 5 July 2012

Sign your name across my bark !

Betty WoodenGran !! Will you get down from there ! I can't take my eyes off you for one second !

Admittedly she's the not the only one to have carved her name on this poor tree but even so ...

Sunday 1 July 2012

Looking for the best seat for the Olympics !

Betty WoodenGran didn't manage to get herself any tickets for the London Olympics so she's been out and about trying to find the ultimate viewing spot. She thought about the London Eye for a bird's eye view of the Games. But - aha - what's that in the background?

Oh my goodness, she looks like King Kong with a blue rinse !

No Betty, you can't climb up Big Ben ! (If you love the look of this fabulous Big Ben 3D puzzle, click through to my reviews blog !)

Having a bit of a naughty streak (which is definitely where Jenny WoodenMum and the kids get it from), she decided to try climbing up to the top of this JCB digger to see if it would give her a good view.

But in the end, the only view she got was of the inside of a police car. Oh Betty, when will you learn ?!

Fine Dining and not so fine toilets !

 Betty WoodenGran didn't feel like cooking today so she decided to head out to a little French bistrot-cafĂ© for lunch.

 While she waited for the food to arrive, she tucked in to a plate of nibbles - one was enough because they were nearly as big as her !

She opted for a classic dish from Alsace - choucroute royale, which is like Sauerkraut (cabbage) with boiled potatoes, sausages and ham.

After all that food (and wine), she needed a trip to the toilet. Eeeek no door to the men's part ?!! Just as well there was nobody there !!

(Note to parents - this is what happens when you put the kids in charge of the Betty-cam !!)