Monday 16 April 2012

A more peaceful trip to the park this time !

Last time Betty WoodenGran went for a stroll in the park, she got caught up in a major incident with fire engines and police cars attending a house fire. So today she headed back hoping for some quiet time with Mother Nature ...

Smelling the flowers ...

Climbing the trees - does she know how old she is ?!

 Swinging through the trees like Tarzan !

(This is where Juliette took over - I admit it, I was giggling like a loony setting up the first photos - God knows what everyone else at the park thought !!)

Is this a new definition of Bush-walking ?!

Pierre looked on thinking we'd gone mad !!

Phew, time for a sit down after all that exercise !

And not just for Betty - the two human helpers needed a rest too !

Sunday 15 April 2012

Caught up in the action

Goodness me, it looks like Betty WoodenGran is a magnet for trouble, just like the rest of the WoodenMum family. There she was, going for a lovely quiet stroll in the park ...

... but what's that going on in the background ? I can smell smoke ... and hear sirens ...

 Oh no, there's a house burning down !

Look at all those firemen ! Real ones too, not a PinToy one in sight. This is even scarier than when Jenny's birthday cake candles created a fire !

Luckily, there was nobody hurt in the fire.

The entire house was destroyed though.

Betty WoodenGran made us come straight home and check the batteries in all the smoke alarms around the house. And she says you should go and do the same thing too - off you go, stop reading this blog and go and check they're still beeping !

To finish on a happier note, look who's getting involved in the Betty WoodenGran blog now - he was just a baby last time this was all going on so the only post he featured in was this one ! Hasn't he grown ?!!

Look where Betty went this weekend !

You may have seen over on my other blog (here) that we all went to Disneyland Paris yesterday to see the 20th anniversary celebrations. Well, guess who came along for the ride ?!