Thursday 17 May 2012

Granny Woodentop at the Big Top !

The circus came to town yesterday and Betty Woodengran couldn't wait to go along !

Ermm I think you're looking the wrong way, Betty !

Ah it's OK, Pierre is ready to take things in hand and make sure she doesn't miss any of the show !

At the interval, we headed off to see the animals - this camel seems to have the same hairdresser as Betty !

Ooh it's a horny cow !!

Nice llama - now don't you dare spit at me !

I think that's quite close enough to the camels, thank you !

Granny Woodentop meets the Granny - I mean nanny - goats !

One hump or two ?!

Hobnobbing with the bigwigs !

As you'll know if you've been following her adventures here on her blog, Betty Woodengran seems to be a magnet for the emergency services. She got caught up in the middle of a huge house fire when minding her own business on a recent visit to the park. So when she saw all these policemen and barriers in Dunkirk town centre, she wanted to know what was going on.

It turns out it was for the election of the new French president, Fran├žois Hollande. 

This brush with celebrity got her thinking about her days hobnobbing with the royals at Buckingham Palace's garden party. She had Kate laughing so much she had to hold on to her hat to stop it falling off !

But she couldn't decide which of the royal brothers she liked the most. One thing's for sure - she's looking forward to watching the Jubilee on TV and, who knows, maybe getting caught up in a street party ! The Queen is her favourite style icon !

Saturday 12 May 2012

Messing about on the water !

Look who came along with us to the festival of the Sea today ! Betty WoodenGran had great fun having a ride in a pedal boat with Juliette and didn't even mind getting splashed !

We took our eye off her for one minute and she tried to sneak into a pedalo - come back here, you haven't got a life jacket on !

They didn't actually have a life jacket that would fit her so she had to share Juliette's when they went out for their pedalo ride - don't fall in !

Oooh look at that pirate ship ! Oh listen to him, going on about having a wooden peg leg. I've got two and I'm not showing off, am I ? Avast me hearties !

Small, medium and large ! Even the humans look small next to the giants but what about me ? I look like an ant in the front of the picture ! Let's get out of here, I'm scared I'll get squished !

Now see if you can you see Betty WoodenGran in this photo. Yes, there she is, cheekily peeking through the lifebuoy !

Betty may be checking out all the private yachts but I don't think her pension will stretch that far. Dream on !

Woooohooo look at the swell ! Here we are bobbing about on the waves in a little fishing boat.

Sophie maybe looking a bit green around the gills but Betty's definitely got her sea legs on. Maybe there is something in having two wooden peg legs after all. Where did that pirate go ? Maybe he'll share his bottle of rum !

Betty WoodenGran goes back to school !

 What's this ? Has she decided to go back to school ?

Oh I see, she's the supply teacher for day ! Good morning Miss WoodenGran !

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Girlie Spa Day

Madhouse Mum and daughters decided to have a girlie pamper session last week.

We all smothered our faces in a gooey green mud mask.

But wait - there's one female member of the household that we forgot about.

That's better, Betty Woodengran got to have a pamper session too !